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Stories of Hope

Vito’s Story

By November 20, 2022January 26th, 2024No Comments

“I always respected first responders, but since my accident, I have an even deeper admiration for them and what they do.”

Support from the community is vital to our operation and our ability to save lives. Without Mercy Flight, Vitorrio “Vito” Muoio and his friend might not have survived a horrific car crash in 2017.

It was a Friday night around nine o’clock when Vito and his friend were involved in a head-on collision in the town of Bergen, New York. Both Vito and his friend sustained multiple injuries in the crash. Vito, severely injured, was bleeding internally, and both needed to get to a hospital immediately. First responders on scene from Bergen Fire Department put a call in to Mercy Flight, and within minutes, a Mercy Flight helicopter and a Mercy Flight EMS ground ambulance were on the scene. Vito was airlifted, and his passenger was taken by the Mercy Flight EMS ambulance to a local trauma center.

The quick action of first responders from Bergen Fire Department and the Mercy Flight air and ground teams saved Vito’s life and that of his friend.

“If I didn’t go by helicopter, I truly feel I wouldn’t have made it,” states Vito. Not only did Vito survive his accident, but he has “paid forward” the care given to him by joining the Mercy Flight EMS team as an EMT during its 2022 Darien Lake Live Nation concert season.

WHEN MINUTES MATTER, Mercy Flight will be there, as we were for Vito and his friend—ensuring all persons in our region have access to the best possible medically directed transportation and improving patients’ chances for an optimal outcome.