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Stories of Hope: Bill

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On April 2007, Bill was driving home to Easton, PA from a business trip in Western New York.  Bill had been able to bring his family along, and they all visited Niagara Falls and other sites in and around Buffalo.  On their journey home, they encountered a sudden, blinding snowstorm that prevented Bill from seeing a traffic light, and he unknowingly drove through an intersection on a rural highway. 

An oncoming car struck the driver’s side of Bill’s vehicle.  While the rest of his family avoided injury, Bill sustained serious trauma to his leg, several ribs and his scalp.  He was taken by ambulance to a local medical center, but the facility was not equipped to deal with the severity of his injuries.  Bill needed to be transferred rapidly to a trauma center by Mercy Flight.

He remembers the moment he entered the Mercy Flight helicopter:

“It was my first time on a helicopter, and probably my last,” Bill shared.  “I screamed with every breath I took because of the pain in my lungs.”

The Mercy Flight team navigated around the snowstorm safely, and Bill was quickly flown and promptly treated for his severe injuries.

“The paramedic team took me back to Buffalo and set me up with a world-class surgeon that treated my injuries, and treated what probably would have been a disfiguring scar into what looks like a laugh line in my forehead.”

Bill had something else to share, “I’ve never had the chance to say thank you to this courageous team of paramedics that flew through a snowstorm to save my life. Please thank them for me.”