I asked my mother, "Am I going to die?"

"My name is Ryan Marie Reed and on October 24, 2004, Mercy Flight saved my life.

While on my way to Gasport to go apple picking with my family, my father's SUV was hit by a minivan and I was ejected out a side window.  I didn't have my seat belt on - a mistake never to be made again.  The next thing I recall was asking for my mother, whom I couldn't see because my eyes had filled with blood.  I had broken my femur, lost four of my teeth, injured my jaw, and split my chin and nose open so badly that I was later told I would not have made it to ECMC alive after losing that much blood.

I asked my mother "Am I going to die?" - a question that has haunted me ever since.  I heard the EMTs say "She is touch and go. Let's get Mercy Flight in here."  I remember opening my eyes briefly, heard the helicopter and saw the sun shining through the windows.

It was months before I could walk, and I have painful reminders to this day in my left leg and knee.  My face was thankfully reconstructed by the wonderful doctors at ECMC, but it was a long time before I recognized myself again.  The scars are deep, but the grateful love I have for these people goes deeper."


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