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Mercy Flight Western New York can make a special addition to any event.  We participate in public outreach events only within our normal operating service area.  Mercy Flight administration and operations must approve all other requests.   Please understand that Mercy Flight and Mercy EMS remains in service during all events unless otherwise specified.  The possibility exists that the aircraft or ambulance may be unavailable or has to leave a scheduled event to care for a patient at any time.  We also follow strict guidelines mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the weather and conditions in which we can and cannot fly. Therefore, there may be instances when we cannot attend an event if the actual or forecasted weather conditions do not permit a safe flight.

Every attempt will be made to not schedule events during staff shift changes (between the hours of 6:30-8:30 a.m. and 6:30-8:30 p.m.). Efforts will be made to honor requests made on short notice, however, requests may be denied based exclusively on time.  Base Tours (which take about 45 minutes) at any Mercy Flight base are available and may be provided in lieu of event attendance.

Mercy Flight can attend events such as:

  • EMS related events/education such as farm safety classes, or first responder, police or fire training/education for landing zone or crash recovery.
  • Medical/trauma related education or training (i.e. preparing patients for transport/loading of aircraft) for emergency dept./critical care area personnel.
  • Referring hospitals and affiliate related events/functions (i.e. Hospital events)


To request a tour or event, please use one of the following forms

Base Tour Request Form Event Visit Request Form