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My name is Ryan Marie Reed and on October 24, 2004, Mercy Flight saved my life.

I asked my mother "Am I going to die?" - a question that has haunted me ever since.

I heard the EMTs say "She is touch and go. Let's get Mercy Flight in here." I remember opening my eyes briefly, heard the helicopter and saw the sun shining through the windows.

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Little Emma, only 13 days old, suddenly had trouble breathing and was rushed to the local hospital.  Emma needed specialized care and she needed it now.   Emma needed Mercy Flight.

"They saved her life," said Nicole Beecher, Emma's mother. "They don't realize it's a big deal because they do it every day, but it's a big deal to us."

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Kirsten opened her eyes and said to herself, "I don't have ceiling tiles in my bedroom.  This can't be good."

Kirsten Skeldon and her family rented out a cabin for a weekend trip with friends.  On Saturday, February 6th, 2010, they took their two-person snow tube to a hill in the Summit area of Allegany State Park that they had used before.  Kirsten and one of her sons, Kohl, were on their way down the hill with Kohl facing forward and Kirsten facing backward when they veered toward a patch of trees.

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On April 2007, Bill was driving home to Easton, PA from a business trip in Western New York with his family when they encountered a sudden, blinding snowstorm that prevented Bill from seeing a traffic light and he unknowingly drove through an intersection on a rural highway. 

An oncoming car t-boned their vehicle. While the rest of the family avoided injury, Bill  sustained serious trauma to his leg, several ribs and his scalp. He was then taken to a local medical center, but the facility was not equipped to deal with the severity of his injuries. Bill needed to be transferred rapidly to a trauma center by Mercy Flight.

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The lives of Maddy and Tori and their mothers—Candice Wells and Stephanie Gibbs—were forever changed that late Thursday afternoon, July 1, 2010.

Maddy and Tori were en route to a soccer Bible camp when their car was struck by an oncoming semi-truck. Although the girls remember nothing of the accident, their mothers "remember it like it was yesterday.

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John Delellis and his wife were enjoying a motorcycle ride along Route 18 in Youngstown when they hit a patch of gravel on the road, causing their bike to spin out of control and into a guardrail. 

His helmet sustaining severe damage, Delellis was knocked unconscious.  He had no idea that Youngstown Volunteer Fire Company called Mercy Flight, who arrived to airlift him from the accident scene to the Erie County Medical Center [ECMC] in just 13 minutes.

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