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We are a beacon of hope when minutes matter.

Our Mission

To be an independent not-for-profit provider of air medical transport and supporting services, ensuring rapid, safe, and cost effective delivery of expert emergency response teams.

Our Vision

All persons in need within Mercy Flight service areas have access to the best possible medically-directed transportation — especially emergency air medical care and transportation — and arrive at the appropriate destination in the most timely and appropriate way, thereby improving their chances for an optimal outcome.

Our Dedication

We perform our life-saving mission without regard to our patients’ insurance status or ability to pay.

Our Guiding Principles

Patient Focus: Focus on what is most beneficial for the patient without creating hardships of any kind.

Neutrality: We do not advocate for, promote or affiliate with any single health care delivery system.

Clinical Excellence: Medical direction and appropriately trained personnel shall be available for all medical transportation of critically ill or injured persons.

Safety: Safety is a primary consideration; unreasonable risks are never taken.

Readiness: Mercy Flight is always prepared and ready to respond appropriately.

Fiduciary Obligation: We accept our obligation to use public and contributed dollars in a cost-effective manner and we are accountable to our publics for the use of those funds.

Integrity and Honesty: Integrity and honesty in what we deliver ensures that the public and providers/referrers can rely upon Mercy Flight to deliver as promised and needed.

Community Partnership: Mercy Flight works in concert with regional emergency medical systems, hospitals, trauma centers, ground EMS, law enforcement and fire officials, solely for the benefit of the communities and patients we serve. We promote the concept of a unified community response for all emergency medical services.