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Stories of Hope

Michelle’s Story

By November 21, 2019No Comments

Michelle was celebrating Independence Day with her family in Chautauqua County, when high velocity fireworks hurtled toward her. She saw a white flash, and in an instant, her clothing caught fire as the pyrotechnic device hit her and remained in her lap. Within minutes, Michelle was airlifted from the scene and rapidly transported to ECMC. Michelle underwent surgery after the incident to mend her deep wounds. She was admitted to ECMC’s Burn Treatment Center, where she stayed for 12 days of monitored care due to her severe third-degree burns.

Michelle reflected on her time with the flight crew, “They held my hand and I knew that everything was going to be okay.” The expertise of Mercy Flight’s medical team made Michelle feel secure and confident, even in the midst of her trauma. “They’re in charge and they’re going to get you to safety… they are my angels in orange.”

Thanks to the proficient critical care and rapid transportation from Mercy Flight, Michelle is able to continue her career as a business owner and remain active as a CrossFit athlete. Additionally, Michelle is now a proud advocate for raising awareness surrounding those who have sustained traumatic injuries. “We can either get lost in the journey or find light in hope. I will always choose to find light in hope.”

Join Mercy Flight as we celebrate Hope for the Holidays. Your donation today will allow us to continue providing hope and help to our patients in Western New York and beyond.