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Mercy Flight’s medical partners are invaluable to mission success

By February 8, 2018No Comments

“As far as I’m concerned, Mercy Flight runs the premier air and ground service in our area. They are also dedicating the resources necessary, regardless of finances. That’s very rare in this day of medicine.”

Dr. Darryl Wenner of Springville, NY has a passion for emergency medical care. So much that he studied out of state for his doctorate and gained vital experience in emergency departments across the region prior to becoming Bertrand Chaffee’s Director of Emergency Medicine. He has held that title for close to two years, and couldn’t imagine another career role.

“I simply love what I do – being able to work with those in need and give them the care they need.”

In his time as a physician, he says he’s had the privilege of working with Mercy Flight, both for inter-hospital transfers and when patients suffer from critical injuries. He says it’s incredible to have an organization devoted to compassion on all fronts.

“I’ve always had a great relationship with Mercy Flight and they continue to get better,” Dr. Wenner exclaims. “Their timeliness and responsiveness to calls is not only incredible, but they are part of our hospital family.”

He recalls one patient case that is painful to remember, but offers an inspiring example of Mercy Flight as a BEACON OF HOPE in time of critical need.

“A little girl had suffered severe burns from a fire, and Mercy Flight pulled all the resources available to help her. The burns were down her face, and across her chest. They arranged for a helicopter to take her to their chartered Learjet, which then flew her to Cincinnati to Shriners Hospital,” Dr. Wenner recalls.

With Mercy Flight’s involvement, Dr. Wenner adds that the child didn’t suffer from permanent disfigurations.

There are misconceptions about Mercy Flight. One of them being that it’s an organization solely used for accident response. With Bertrand Chaffee as the main hospital between Olean General and South Buffalo Mercy, Dr. Wenner says Mercy Flight is frequently responding to his hospital for critically-ill patients who need transport for specialized treatment.

Dr. Wenner (third from right) with Bertrand Chaffee staff