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Mercy Flight from an Intern’s Perspective

By July 24, 2019No Comments

By Leah Czerwinski

Mercy Flight has changed my life more than anyone could ever imagine. Some people may look at what I do as an average summer internship, but this experience has meant everything to me.

Throughout my time working as a Mercy Flight intern, I have learned so much. I have been given hands on experience that not many people my age are fortunate enough to have.

My situation is so unique because I get to see both sides of the nonprofit organization. I work one day a week as an EMT Assistant in Batavia, New York, and two days a week in the Development Department, which is located at Mercy Flight Headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

Mercy Flight has four flight bases out of Batavia, Buffalo, Olean and Springville. There are also EMS bases out of Batavia, Springville and two in Niagara. One of the many things that makes this organization so remarkable to me is that at every location you will see how important the mission is to the employees. Everyone is always working their hardest to ensure our communities are receiving the best possible care. Whether you’re looking at the paramedics, nurses, EMTs, dispatch, finance, development, education, everyone has an important job in bettering our community.

Working as an intern has completely changed my perspective on life and my hopes for the future. This experience has lead me to find my true passion in life, working in the EMS field.

Thanks to Mercy Flight I have found what truly makes me happy in life… helping others.