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Stories of Hope

Maria and her lifelong passion for EMS after camping incident

By November 19, 2018No Comments

Maria was just thirteen-years-old when she was camping with family friends eight years ago. A young boy at the campsite discovered a gun and accidentally shot Maria in the leg. The bullet shattered Maria’s femur and pierced her femoral artery, causing life-threatening bleeding to occur. Maria’s sister called 911 and first responders dispatched Mercy Flight. Though Maria was in terror, the Mercy Flight medic helped keep her calm during her flight. Maria spent several months recovering in New York and Massachusetts hospitals. Having almost lost her leg, Maria participated in countless hours of therapy to relearn how to walk again. Her mother, Mary Friona-Celani, explains, “She still has pain today, but she is alive. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she is alive because of Mercy Flight.” After her accident, Maria went on to study for her EMT degree and is now working as a Medical Assistant. Maria attests, “Mercy Flight set the tone for a lifelong passion for EMS.”

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