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Stories of Hope

Lifesaving care for the newborn, Compassionate Comfort for the Mother

By August 12, 2019No Comments

“It means everything to me that Mercy Flight was there to help my newborn son in his time of need. There was great teamwork with Children’s Hospital, and it was a rapid flight that meant the absolute world to our family. We owe so much to Mercy Flight for their compassion, their expertise, and their service to our community.”

BRENDA WAS JUST 35 WEEKS PREGNANT WHEN SHE UNEXPECTEDLY WENT INTO LABOR WITH HER FIRST CHILD. Though her pregnancy had been a healthy one, both Brenda and her unborn son were diagnosed with a streptococcal infection upon arrival at their local hospital. It was determined that an emergency Caesarean section was necessary, and Brenda was sent to surgery immediately.
The doctors knew right away that baby Flynn was unwell and discovered that he had also suffered a collapsed lung. The collaborative team from Mercy Flight and Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo (now John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital) in their orange and blue flight suits was dispatched to transport Flynn to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit in Buffalo, where he would ultimately spend the first ten days of his life.
Though Flynn was rapidly transported to Buffalo within hours of being born, Brenda needed to stay behind to recover from her own surgery. However, Brenda recalls the comfort she felt knowing that Flynn was receiving the expert critical care that he required. Before Flynn’s departure, the flight crew wheeled his incubator to Brenda’s bedside, and they took the time to explain each line and tube that Flynn was connected to prior to his air transport. She recalls their compassion toward her and her family, and she trusted that her new baby was in the hands of true experts. “I know they deeply cared about all of us. I’m so grateful to Mercy Flight,” Brenda expresses.
Thanks to Mercy Flight and the Children’s Hospital team, Flynn is a vivacious and fun-loving toddler, who just celebrated his third birthday!