Little Emma, only 13 days old, suddenly had trouble breathing and was rushed to the local hospital.  Emma needed specialized care and she needed it now.  Emma needed Mercy Flight!

"They saved her life," said Nicole Beecher, Emma's mother. "They don't realize it's a big deal because they do it every day, but it's a big deal to us."

It was dinner time at Gramma's house in Barker. Emma had been fed and was napping peacefully when she suddenly began struggling for breath. "She was purple, her eyes were bulging, she looked like an eggplant and she was making a horrible sound - like a duck quacking.  I thought she was choking," Nicole said.  After futile efforts, including a turkey baster, failed to work, Emma was rushed by ambulance to the local hospital.

Nicole, riding in the ambulance with Emma, remembers pulling up to the hospital and seeing all of the doctors and nurses waiting for them at the curb, just like on TV.  While the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room fought valiantly to help Emma breathe, they knew that she required specialized care at a pediatric hospital and she needed Mercy Flight.

Nicole remembers standing in the ER, seeing the Mercy Flight team walk in with their bright orange helmets, and asking herself, "What are they doing here?"  She realized quickly that they were there for her Emma. 

The Mercy Flight team, including members of the Children's Pediatric STAT Team, received an update from the hospital staff, assessed her current condition, switched Emma over to their equipment and secured her in their special incubator.  Emma was rushed out to the waiting Mercy Flight helicopter and whisked off for the quick 15 minute flight to Buffalo.  Constantly monitoring Emma's condition, the Mercy Flight team with their specialized pediatric training and equipment was ready for anything.

The Mercy Flight team escorted little Emma into Children's Hospital and transferred her care to the specialists there.  Emma was hospitalized for three days and doctors were able to successfully diagnose and treat her.  Fortunately, Emma has never experienced difficulty breathing again.

Today, Emma is a healthy, happy 7 year-old.  She is in the first grade, loves gymnastics and dancing, and wants to become a fashion designer when she grows up.  She is extremely close to her older brother Jake, who is only 3 years older.  Jake remembers everything that happened that day and wanted me to tell you, "Thank you for my sister."