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Batman Supporting Our Angels in Orange

By September 4, 2019September 24th, 2019No Comments

Written by Leah Czerwinski

William Lorenz Jr. was named Buffalo’s Best Batman in 2014. William’s career as Batman began when he was working as a karate instructor in Elma, NY. As an instructor, he would dress up as Batman to put on skits and other activities for the kids. From there, his career as the beloved character had begun.

Everything changed for William when he decided to apply for a local superhero competition that his professor at the time informed him about. Winning Buffalo’s Best Batman is what really kick started Williams career as a superhero performer.

After years of performing and winning Buffalo’s Best Batman, Lorenz began writing his newly published book, “The Ballad of Buffalo’s Best Batman.”

William connected with Mercy Flight in 2018 when he first began writing his book. At that time, Lorenz learned that Mercy Flight is a nonprofit organization, which is something he did not know until working with us. When it came time to decide who he wanted to donate part of his book proceeds to, William shared, “Mercy Flight was my first choice. I was deeply touched when I found out Mercy Flight was a nonprofit, I kept the organization on my mind.”

Giving back to the Western New York community is the reason William does what he does and Mercy Flight has a very similar mission. Our flight and ground side crews save lives every day, similar to the fictional character of Batman. The mission to care for those in need is what makes Buffalo’s Best Batman and Mercy Flight so special.

In July of 2019, William presented Mercy Flight with a $1,000 check thanks to the sales of his book. We are extremely grateful to have a champion of our mission spreading the word about the lifesaving, nonprofit work we do.

Thank you Batman!