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Stories of Hope

8-Month-Old Maverick saved by the “Angels in Orange”

By November 19, 2018March 25th, 2019No Comments

Maverick was just 8-months-old when a family dog suddenly bit him, causing serious trauma to the left side of his face and ear. The severity of the bite required immediate facial surgery and specialized care. Maverick and his mother, Erika, were rapidly airlifted by Mercy Flight to the Genesee County Airport, where Mercy Flight’s fixed-wing jet service was standing by to transfer them to a pediatric surgical center in Cincinnati.

What would have been a nerve-wracking 8-hour drive was replaced by an hour-long flight. Maverick was in surgery within minutes of arriving and was able to drink from a bottle that very night.

Erika recalls, “If we had not gotten there as fast as we did, things could have gone very differently. As a mother, seeing your baby hurt is devastating, but I had complete trust in Mercy Flight to care for him and have his best interest in mind.”

While there is a need for future surgeries and scar therapy, Maverick is doing well. He recently celebrated his 1st birthday!

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